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Devon Allman Project with Special Guests

The last two years have been difficult for all of us. We were forced to miss out on many of the things that make us feel alive and help us come together as the unique community we are. From the cancelation of the 2020 Free Concerts to the scaled down Winter Carnival, our most beloved social events were set aside to help keep us safe. But thanks to an amazing effort to look out for each other we are easing back to a sense of normalcy in the Yampa Valley.

The Pandemic was especially hard in the world on non-profits and live music where we rely heavily on drink sales, sponsorships and donations to put on events that everyone can enjoy. With increased safety measures in place and a pent-up demand for live music, the free shows will be more difficult than ever to pull off. So, after a year with rising costs, we need your help us keep up the tradition of free, world class music in Steamboat Springs.

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